PerimeterX Code Defender Now Generally Available

Client-side Protection for Web Applications Helps Enterprises Defend Against MageCart, Digital Skimming, Formjacking and PII Harvesting

SAN MATEO, CA – September 24, 2019 – – PerimeterX, the company that protects the world’s largest and most reputable websites and mobile applications from malicious activities, today announced that PerimeterX Code Defender is now generally available. Code Defender is a client-side application security solution that protects websites from digital skimming, formjacking and personally identifiable information (PII) harvesting attacks.

“Digital skimming is one of the fastest growing and most elusive attack types. We’ve seen evidence of this acceleration in recent news headlines about hard-to-detect Magecart attacks and the resulting compliance fines, which have been massive,” said Ido Safruti, Co-founder and CTO at PerimeterX. “Cybercriminals have discovered the weaknesses in client-side code, so enterprises need to adapt. This is why we introduced Code Defender to monitor the behavior of a website for all users and spot anomalies in real time that could result in a major attack.”

Code Defender is a client-side application security solution that tracks and monitors web page elements to gain visibility and control of malicious scripts empowering enterprises to protect user data and their brand reputation. Code Defender detects - in real time - malicious activity in every script execution of every user that could potentially result in data theft.

A recent survey of security professionals conducted by Osterman Research found that only 11 percent of website managers believe that they have complete insight into the third-party client-side scripts running on their websites. In sharp contrast, nearly 66 percent of those surveyed believe they have only some or very little insight, indicating huge exposure for their company and brand reputation.

Client-side code is an important part of a website, but it’s also a security blindspot. The use of external code libraries, open-source tools and third-party scripts leave websites exposed. Malicious scripts running on a user’s browser introduce the potential of data theft and abuse using techniques such as digital skimming, formjacking, PII harvesting and watering hole attacks. Client-side scripts have become the blind side for application owners resulting in the need for solutions like Code Defender.

Code Defender gives enterprises control on the client-side with the ability to:

  • Gain visibility and control: Track and monitor page elements, gain visibility into scripts’ execution and alerts on suspicious activities, and block malicious script execution
  • Prevent data loss and leakage: Prevent unwanted scripts from accessing user data and enforce strict data access policies
  • Monitor open source and vendor scripts: Track behavior and changes in client-side JavaScript libraries and scripts across the entire website supply chain

For more information about Code Defender visit the PerimeterX website. For more information about the new report “Third-Party Code: The Hidden Risk in Your Website,” read the blog.

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