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PerimeterX Bot Defender for eCommerce

eCommerce providers depend on product selection and pricing to drive repeat business as well as marketing / social / SEO to capture new customers. Your website must also be highly available without delays to keep customers engaged and increase conversion.

Bots that steal product info and current prices may give your competitors a shopping comparison advantage. Brute force attacks attempt to hijack customer accounts for credit card or gift card fraud. Despite this, you don’t want to block good bots that help drive traffic, such as those from Google, Bing, and retail-specific search engines

PerimeterX Bot Defender allows bots good for SEO (e.g. Google), but blocks automated attempts at scraping the site or trying to login. You can block competitors or other services that want to continually know your pricing in order to use it against you. Your website’s user experience will be enhanced by an increased number of relevant search hits to find the site, and you have a guarantee that your content won’t be repurposed somewhere else. Unlike other solutions, there are no annoying CAPTCHA that might frustrate your more ambitious and active customers.