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Cyber Security AnalystTel Aviv

We are looking for driven and talented employees to work as

Cyber Security Analyst

to join our research team. You will join a leading team fighting off cybercriminals from commerce and media websites and help clean up the internet from bad bots.

Job includes:

  • Threat management - understands the threats our customers face and the mitigation needed for each case.
  • Actively lead in-depth cybersecurity research - define the necessary research questions, research the data and validate the possible effects on customers’ traffic and product accuracy.
  • Responsible for product accuracy - improving the product’s ability to detect and mitigate real-time cyberattacks.
  • Lead dedicated research for our VIP customers, optimize the system and develop additional unique detections for the product.
  • Joint research and work processes with our data science team - adjusting and reviewing the results based on scientific data analysis and models.

Job Requirements

  • In-depth knowledge of web architecture and protocols (CDN, HTML, DOM, JS, HTTP, HTTPS, TLS/SSH, IPv4/v6 etc.)
  • SQL Proficiency
  • Passionate about data
  • Autodidact
  • Good English (Read and Write)
  • Can work under pressure.


  • JavaScript programming 
  • Understanding of OWASP paradigms of web and mobile.
  • Loves all thing security
  • Statistics and probability
  • Experience with Big Data
  • Python programming

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