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Data AnalystsTel Aviv

PerimeterX is a provider of scalable, behavior-based threat protection technology for the web, cloud and mobile. Our security service accurately protects commerce, media and enterprise websites from all types of automated or non-human attacks, at any scale.

We are looking for driven and talented employees to work as Data Analyst to join our research team. You will join a leading team fighting off cybercriminals from commerce and media websites and help clean up the internet from bad bots.

Job includes:

Threat management 

  1. Analyzing customers’ traffic, looking for undetected threats and false detections
  2. Define the data pipe-line needs, find data analysis tools to use, and create internal tools. 
  3. Adjusting and reviewing our data science results, and tune the product to customers.
  4. Define research hypothesis in view of the threats our product stops.
  5. Create different dashboard and visualizations for the team and company to use. 

Job Requirements

  • SQL Proficiency
  • Visualization skills
  • Statistics and probability (chi-square, standard deviation, percentile etc.)
  • Passionate about data
  • Autodidact
  • Good English (Read and Write)
  • B.sc in Industrial engineering and management (specializes in information system)  / B.sc in information engineering 


  • Knowledge of web architecture and networking
    • JavaScript programming / Knowledge
    • Understanding of OWASP paradigms of web and mobile.
    • Loves all thing security
    • Experience with Big Data
    • Python programming

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