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Intelligence AnalystTel Aviv

PerimeterX is a provider of scalable, behavior-based threat protection technology for the web, cloud and mobile. Our security service accurately protects commerce, media and enterprise websites from all types of automated or non-human attacks, at any scale.

We are looking for an Intelligence Analyst to join our research group.

This is a unique intelligence role, in which you will be responsible for collecting information on malware, botnets, dark-web forums, and more using OSINT and other sources. You’ll create and manage a roadmap of security threats, identify intelligence sources, analyze and evaluate the collected intel. You’ll draw actionable conclusions from the entire information and distribute them to internal consumers. You will have a unique opportunity to combine technology and information gathering regarding some of the latest threats in the web.

The job will include:

  1. Getting access to relevant forums to gather unique information.
  2. Sorting through tweets, blog posts, products’ updates, github repositories, dark-web marketplaces and forums.
  3. Identifying information relevant for our product, research or customers.
  4. Generate intel summaries to be used internally in the company.

Position can both full-time or part-time.

Job Requirements

  • Intelligence gathering experience
  • Fluent in english
  • Data mining experience
  • Fast and focused


  • Read and write in Russian
  • Read and write in Chinese
  • Acquainted with dark-web forums and marketplaces
  • Script programming and/or writing crawlers
  • Experience with big data and or NLP.

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