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PX Cyber Academy

  • Tel Aviv
  • R&D
  • Full-Time
Come join the battle against Cyber criminals!!

We are looking for driven and talented people to participant in a unique course that will give you the tools to work as a Cyber Security Analyst on our research team.

What does the course include?

  • You will learn about network communication, cyber security (with a focus on web architecture and web security), how to research and handle large data sets and use tools for analysis and research.
  • Among the areas, the course will cover - OSI model, DNS, Http & Https, network security tools.
  • You will build your own demo site to practice both the client side and server side aspects. SQL, JavaScript, BQ, ElasticSearch & Kibana.
  • You will learn how an attacker thinks and acts and practice in pentesting.
  • We will cover statistics & probability for DS, and learn about machine learning and how to engineer your features, research methods and more.

What you'll be doing as a cyber security analyst in PerimeterX?

  • Threat management - understands the threats our customers face and the mitigation needed for each case.
  • Actively lead in-depth cybersecurity research - define the necessary research questions, research the data and validate the possible effects on customers' traffic and product accuracy.
  • Responsible for product accuracy - improving the product's ability to detect and mitigate real-time cyber attacks.
  • Lead dedicated research for our VIP customers, optimize the system and develop additional unique detections for the product.
  • Handle and research big data, and be the domain expert of the data in the company.
  • Joint research and work processes with our data science team - adjusting and reviewing the results based on scientific data analysis and models.

What we look for?

  • Smart people
  • Motivated, that look to research cyber security threats and to mitigate them* Degree alumni in fields such as Mathematics, Statistics, Information technology, Computer science / Graduates of an outstanding program
  • Psychometry score of over 700 / Average score of 85 and above / Military Service in one of the intelligence or technological units* Passionate about learning
  • Autodidact
  • Excellent English

A bonus will count if you have knowledge/ background in one of the below:

  • Web architecture and protocols
  • Hands-on experience with data analysis of large and complex data sets
  • Experience with Python (specifically in data analysis)
PerimeterX is a provider of scalable, behavior-based threat protection technology for the web, cloud and mobile. Its security service PerimeterX Bot Defender™ accurately protects commerce, media and enterprise websites from all types of automated or non-human attacks, at any scale. PerimeterX was founded in 2014 and has received 34.5 million in funding to date.