HUMAN and PerimeterX Announce Market-changing Merger

Market Leaders Unite to Stop Sophisticated Bot Attacks, Fraud and Account Abuse

"Together, with our complementary technology, combined resources, mission-focused teams and industry-leading products, we’re going to be an unstoppable force against cybercriminals."

— Omri Iluz, CEO and Co-founder

What This Market-changing Merger Means for Enterprises

Expanded access to complementary solutions

This agreement combines the modern defense capabilities of HUMAN with the comprehensive account protection capabilities of PerimeterX to disrupt the economics of cybercrime and ensure you can turn the tables against your digital attackers.

Expanded access to complementary solutions

Enhanced roadmap that supports a shared vision

Our common roadmap will provide a modern defense platform and comprehensive protection against sophisticated bot attacks, fraud and account abuse.

Enhanced roadmap that supports a shared vision

Single trusted partner

United, we can help you combat a wider variety of threats while leveraging the network effect — over a larger base — of insights and techniques.

Single trusted partner

Frequently Asked Questions

The two companies are joining forces to become the undisputed leader in protecting media and enterprise customers from sophisticated bot attacks, fraud and account abuse, to help you turn the tables against digital attackers.

No! The market-leading products you love today and the teams that are dedicated to your success will only continue to improve under the brand HUMAN.

We will continue to support and sell Bot Defender for the long term. The merger only means that Bot Defender is going to continue to improve.

Nothing! You’ll continue to enjoy the market-leading products, services and support you use today.

Nothing! Your contract remains the same.

You can expect expanded access to complementary solutions and an enhanced roadmap for modern defense and comprehensive account protection – all from a single vendor.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. And as always, customers can reach out to their customer success or account team, and partners can reach out to their partner manager.

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