PerimeterX Bot Defender for Okta Customer Identity

Stop account takeover attacks

PerimeterX Bot Defender prevents account takeover attacks on your website, web apps and APIs, and protects user logins powered by Okta Customer Identity.

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Reduce Risk From Bot Attacks

Maintain your brand reputation, avoid costs associated with bot-driven credential stuffing attacks and increase your users’ confidence and trust by stopping account takeovers


Improve Operational Efficiency

Enable your team to focus on innovation and growth. Save on resource consumption by blocking unwanted bot traffic at the edge and optimizing the performance of your web infrastructure using Okta Customer Identity.

Read the Bot Defender Product Brief

Comprehensive User Identity Protection

With PerimeterX Bot Defender directly integrated with Okta Customer Identity at the edge, you can stop bot-driven credential stuffing attacks and protect user logins. Bot Defender integrates with the Okta Sign-In Widget and automatically scales to meet demand. The low-latency cloud-native architecture and less than 0.01% false positives of Bot Defender improves the user login experience without sacrificing security.

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How Bot Defender works with Okta Customer Identity

  • Collect

    The Sensor collects and sends hundreds of non-PII client-side indicators to the Detector for precise determination of human versus bot activity.

  • Detect

    The machine-learning (ML) based Detector continuously learns the normal range for human interactions and correlates it with customer-defined policies and alerts.

  • Enforce

    The Enforcer tags and mitigates bot traffic according to threat response policies. The Enforcer also continuously updates the Detector with relevant data.

  • Authorize

    Use the password security, enforcement, strong encryption and flexible password policies of Okta Customer Identity to authorize and authenticate users.

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