What’s New in the PerimeterX Platform

The PerimeterX Winter Launch changes cyber attack economics and decreases consumer journey friction. It includes several new capabilities that help businesses reduce fraud, focus on innovation, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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What’s New in the PerimeterX Platform
  • PerimeterX Human Challenge

    Human Challenge is the a user-friendly verification that presents a visual challenge to easily differentiate humans from bots on web and mobile apps. This tool makes verification less challenging and more human, which helps businesses reduce abandonment rates and improve conversions. It has strong anti-tampering mechanisms to detect and deter CAPTCHA-solving bots and CAPTCHA farms. Solve times for Human Challenge are 4 to 6 times faster than reCAPTCHA, and abandonment rates are 3 to 5 times lower — a winning combination.

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    Verify you are a human
  • Scenario-optimized PoW

    Scenario-optimized Proof of Work (PoW) requires computational effort to be expended before users can add items to a shopping cart, complete transactions or do similar tasks. PoW consumes a lot of energy and CPU cycles at scale, making it costly for attackers to execute many fraudulent tasks at once. With its scenario optimized approach, the PerimeterX platform dynamically adjusts the work required based on device and risk profile. This preserves user experience while building an economic disincentive for future attacks on sites protected by PerimeterX.

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  • PerimeterX Hype Sale Challenge

    Hype Sales Challenge ensures real people, not bots, get limited edition products like sneakers, gaming consoles, collectible cards and coins, fashion accessories and tickets for sporting and entertainment events. Served instead of CAPTCHA challenges, Hype Sale Challenge is a user-friendly way of weeding out bot traffic and providing a fair chance for human buyers and loyal customers to get your products, while also enabling an e-commerce site to handle traffic surges.

    Hype Sales Challenge
  • GraphQL API security

    PerimeterX now offers highly granular support for GraphQL, one of the most popular API protocols. This includes more complete protection and greater visibility into API requests including analysis of the full request. It takes into consideration the specific operation and schema which allows the application of operation-based policies.

  • New Edge Enforcers

    Edge enforcers for Akamai and Fastly Compute@Edge in addition to a new integration with Apigee API Management gives developers the freedom to choose their cloud infrastructure. This enables flexibility to include other best of breed web app components in your stack and reduces vendor lock-in.

  • Quick and Codeless Integration

    The Web and Mobile SDKs for PerimeterX Bot Defender can now easily integrate within complex environments, including handling communication between the SDK and your apps without any code or application changes. To help simplify mobile integration and testing, the Mobile SDK now includes the SDK Doctor. This tool simulates different user flows and actions in the app to help developers verify the mobile SDK integration and easily test different conditions and actions.

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