What’s New in the PerimeterX Platform

The Winter 2021 update includes exciting new features that protect your digital storefront from home page to checkout by securing customer accounts against automated attacks, controlling bot traffic to product pages, and protecting payment pages against carding and digital skimming attacks. Check out the video tour below and take advantage of these features today!

What’s New in the PerimeterX Platform
  • Business Insights Dashboard

    Bot Defender features a new Business Insights dashboard that delivers rich executive-level insights on the business impact of bot management on e-commerce sites and helps benchmark your site traffic against industry peers. This dashboard helps you understand the business value of bot management and make better business decisions for protecting your web and mobile apps, resulting in reduced risk and improved operational efficiency.

  • Human Challenge: Native Mobile SDK

    Bot Defender includes Human Challenge, a human-friendly verification system that protects your applications from CAPTCHA-solving bots while also improving your users’ experience. Human Challenge is now available as a native component that can be integrated into your mobile apps. Using Human Challenge, you can offer shoppers a seamless experience between web and mobile channels, and reduce user friction.

    Human Challenge: Native Mobile SDK
  • Feedback APIs

    Bot Defender includes Feedback APIs that allow you to enrich the system with your own business data to continuously improve bot detection. By combining feedback data from the Sensor and Enforcer along with your data, Bot Defender can further improve detection accuracy, reduce risk and improve your visitor’s experience.

  • Hype Sale Management

    New product launches, promotional sales and limited release sale events are a magnet for sophisticated bots that impair your app performance, hoard your inventory and scalp your products for future sale on a third party site. Bot Defender now includes enhanced bot management control, scale and reporting for hype sales to ensure that real people - and not bots - get your products. It helps you preserve customer experience, streamline application performance and eliminate bot-driven disruptions during these highly visible events.

  • Expanded E-commerce Integrations

    The winter update includes expanded integrations with leading e-commerce platforms. Bot Defender expands protection for Salesforce Commerce Cloud to include Open Commerce API (OCAPI) endpoints, enabling you to deliver richer omnichannel experiences without compromise. PerimeterX Code Defender expands protection for Salesforce Commerce Cloud by adding automated content security policy management capabilities that enable quick mitigation of client-side threats. Bot Defender also expands protection for Adobe Magento storefronts using a quickstart Fastly integration.

To learn more about these new features or for help with configuration, contact your customer success team over Slack or email.

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