What’s New in the PerimeterX Platform

The Fall 2020 update includes new features and integrations that will help you get more value out of your PerimeterX Platform. Check out the video tour — Five New Features in Five Minutes — and take advantage of these today!

  • Customized Dashboards

    The PerimeterX Bot Defender analytics dashboard can now be customized to match your business needs. Each team can access the most relevant information with use-case specific dashboards. Customizable widgets allow you to combine different data sets on the same charts so you can compare trends across multiple parameters — for example compare CAPTCHA-solved traffic to blocked or legitimate traffic. For help with this feature, check out the Dashboard Customization Guide.

    Customized Dashboards
  • Single Sign-on

    The PerimeterX Portal now supports single sign-on (SSO) integration with SAML 2.0 or OpenID compliant identity providers. This extends SSO support to cover leading identity providers including Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD), Okta, Google SSO and Ping Identity. Follow this easy configuration guide to set up SSO. The PerimeterX application is also available in the Azure AD app catalog further simplifying the configuration.

    Single Sign-on
  • Integrations with Datadog and Splunk

    The PerimeterX Platform now features native app integrations with Datadog and Splunk. You can simplify Log and Metric export to these platforms and incorporate rich bot analytics, investigation and alerts into your existing devops workflows. You can find the PerimeterX app in the Integrations section within Datadog and in the App browser within Splunk. For additional details including how to enable the integrations, please visit the integration documentation for Datadog and Splunk.

    Integrations with Datadog and Splunk
  • Integration with Snyk

    PerimeterX Code Defender continuously analyzes all JavaScript on your website for known open source vulnerabilities to help you secure your applications and customer data. Code Defender now features enhanced vulnerability detection using Snyk Intel, the industry’s most comprehensive open source vulnerability database. You can access detailed vulnerability information on snyk.io from the Code Defender incident view. This integration will help you shorten the time to mitigate these vulnerabilities in your web applications by gaining timely and actionable insights.

    Integration with Snyk

Five New Features in Five Minutes

To learn more about these new features or for help with configuration, contact your customer success team over Slack or email.

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