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Protect My Business From Client-side Data Breaches

Book a 30 minute private session and enjoy Starbucks coffee on us!

Exclusive offer for RH-ISAC members!

Understanding the potential costs to your business from a client-side data breach is just the start of a conversation. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) raises the stakes on data privacy.

Get a complimentary customized consultation with one of our data privacy experts. We welcome the opportunity to have a 30-minute Zoom session and coffee with you and your colleagues to:

  • review results from the calculator
  • share industry report findings and insights
  • discuss a customized analysis of the potential regulatory penalties and liability exposure resulting from CCPA violations

Fill out the form to get this special offer, exclusive to RH-ISAC members. We will send you and each of your colleagues a $10 gift card to Starbucks*. Electronic gift card will be sent to all attendees following the session.

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