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Protect My E-commerce Business This Holiday Season

Book a 30-minute session with your team and enjoy lunch on us!

Exclusive for RH-ISAC members!

As the pandemic continues into the holiday season, shoppers have adapted to the new normal of online and mobile shopping. While you focus on growing your business, you also need to safeguard your website and mobile applications from evolving threats such as account takeover, digital skimming and browser malware.

Meet with our cybersecurity solutions experts to discuss how to protect your customers and safeguard your business this holiday season. We welcome up to 10 of your colleagues to join a 30-minute Zoom session where we will provide valuable tips on how to:

  • Distinguish between helpful and malicious bot traffic
  • Stop bot-driven fraud and client-side attacks
  • Manage revenue-impacting browser extensions

Fill out the form to get this special offer, exclusive to RH-ISAC members. We will send you and each of your colleagues a $20 gift card for lunch*. Electronic gift card will be sent to all attendees following the session.

*Attend a session to receive a $20 gift card for lunch. Electronic gift cards will be sent following the session to each attendee with a valid email address from your company. Limited to 1 gift card per person with a maximum of 10 gift cards per company. Information obtained from this session may not be relied upon as legal analysis or opinion.

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