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PerimeterX Account Defender

PerimeterX Account Defender is a cloud-native web app security solution that detects and prevents cybercriminals from taking over and abusing existing customer accounts and from creating new accounts using fake identities. Using behavioral analysis, the solution applies continuous authentication to monitor account abuse throughout the user journey on your website or web app, continuously evaluating users’ post-login activities, and enforcing security policies that stop malicious activity.

Comprehensive Account Protection.

  • Bot Defender

    PerimeterX Bot Defender

    Turn the tide against automated attacks. Detect and mitigate bots with unparalleled accuracy for web, mobile and APIs.

  • Code Defender

    PerimeterX Code Defender

    Client-side javascript attacks are on the rise. Gain visibility into the scripts running on your website to protect user data and experience.

  • Hype Sales Protection

    PerimeterX Hype Sales Protection

    Top e-commerce brands use hype sales to build buzz and demand. Keep bots at bay so that customers keep coming back.

  • Credential Intelligence

    PerimeterX Credential Intelligence

    Stop the use of compromised credentials in real time. Prevent an attacker from logging in, before fraud is committed.

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