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How Leading Retailers Protect Their Salesforce Commerce Cloud Stores

SFCC Store

Retail is one of the largest segments of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) users. Retail e-commerce companies leverage SFCC to optimize their website since it is the primary way consumers discover, shop and interact with a brand. As a result of the pandemic, many digital brands saw a 300% increase in online traffic and revenue, according to Digital Commerce 360. Sophisticated criminals have opportunistically stepped up their many types of online fraud to capitalize on this increase in online shopping behavior.

Leading retailers need to protect their SFCC storefronts against unwanted bot traffic from home page to checkout. Integrating PerimeterX Bot Defender using certified cartridges that work seamlessly with existing SFCC Storefront Reference Architecture offers retailers a myriad of benefits including:

  • Operational cost savings
  • Expansion of online revenue
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Protecting brand reputation

Hibbett Sports
Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Hibbett is a leading sports fashion retailer known for offering limited-release items such as the latest collectible sneakers. During hype sales, websites and applications experience extreme volumes of bot attacks — up to 95% of traffic. Hype sales are a magnet for sophisticated bots that impair web application performance, hoard inventory and scalp products for future sale on third-party sites.

Hibbett needed a solution that could integrate with SFCC and manage its hype sales to prevent bot attacks without compromising its customer experience.

“The passion and dedication of the PerimeterX team to work through the details has enabled Hibbett to create a fair chance for our loyal customers to acquire limited hot sneakers.”

Ryan Besterwitch, Senior Director of E-commerce, Hibbett Sports

Sally Beauty
Sally Beauty is the U.S. and Canadian brand of Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc., a global distributor and specialty retailer offering professional beauty products to both retail consumers and salon professionals. In utilizing SFCC for its online store as part of its omnichannel retail strategy, Sally Beauty started noticing spikes in declined cards and subsequent fees — to the tune of thousands of dollars per hour — as the site gained popularity and transactions increased. Carding bots were highly active, using automated tools to cycle through stolen credit cards on the website to test for validity.

The company needed a solution that had to integrate easily with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to fight carding bots without having to expend resources from the security team or the web technology team.

“In just one hour of one day, if we had not had PerimeterX Bot Defender in place, we would have seen about 34,000 hits on our backend payment processor. That’s about $3,100 (in fees) in just an hour.”

Lee Tarver, Senior Manager of Information Security Architecture and Engineering, Sally Beauty

As online shopping grows, retail e-commerce companies can leverage the integration between PerimeterX and Salesforce Commerce Cloud to grow their online presence while protecting their brand reputation and preserving the consumer's experience on their website.

Schedule a meeting today to learn how Bot Defender directly integrates into your SFCC store to stop unwanted bot traffic.

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