Leading Apparel Brand Switches to PerimeterX Bot Defender

Wins the Battle Against Scraping and Carding Bots

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This leading global apparel brand designs, develops, licenses and sells its products globally across a network of distributor and licensee partners. In the U.S., this brand has an e-commerce business under its Direct to Consumer unit.


As a leading global brand, it was essential to create content around its products to ensure high levels of engagement and to foster a unique connection with its consumers. However, being a market leader made the company’s core product content, photos and pricing a constant target of web scraping bots.

The brand noticed wild spikes in their consumption of resources with CPU metrics not matching the metrics for interactions with users. Conversion rates were not always matching with their known metrics for humans.

Attacks were not isolated to the web scraping of their web content. Unauthorized gift card balance inquiries due to carding attacks were also increasing and impacting their support center.

The leading apparel brand had previously implemented a solution that failed to reduce customer complaints. The previous solution introduced additional latency due to the inline implementation and also the inaccurate detection led to poor customer experience with legitimate users getting blocked.

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PerimeterX Bot Defender helps us with the constant ‘cat and mouse’ game we play with bots, ensuring that we stay ahead of evolving bots without much work on our side and without maintaining configurations and static rules.


This leading global brand recognized they had a bot attack problem on multiple fronts. PerimeterX addressed the key requirements for this brand to transition their strategy and solution for combating bots.

Accurate Detection: PerimeterX Bot Defender was able to provide clear visibility of good bots in addition to detecting and actively blocking bad bots. They were able to stop the relentless scraping and carding attacks.

Website Performance: When investigating bot management solutions, they realized that latency would be an issue. Bot Defender was chosen because of its lowlatency and it proved to have little to no impact on their website’s performance.

Auto Learning: The biggest concern was the ability to keep up with the changing dynamics of bots and attacks on their system. The leading brand was particularly impressed with Bot Defender as a behavior-based bot management solution and the manner in which the PerimeterX team continually automates updates to defend against the latest bot attacks.

No infrastructure changes: For the brand, the ability to implement Bot Defender without coordinating efforts between application and infrastructure vendors was a big plus. Bot Defender can be deployed anywhere within the existing infrastructure with no changes required.

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The decision by the leading global brand to integrate Bot Defender into their infrastructure proved to provide beneficial results.

Improved customer engagement: Customer complaints related to the website performance were eliminated with the low-latency approach of Bot Defender. With PerimeterX blocking scraping and carding attacks, the leading apparel brand was able to focus on continuing to attract and retain customers with engaging content and a secure gift card program.

Increased operational efficiency: PerimeterX Bot Defender removed the daily "cat and mouse" game of staying ahead of bot attacks. The dashboards, reports and forensics provided by Bot Defender were presented in a format that sped up crossfunctional triaging efforts. They no longer had to spend valuable time fighting bots, enabling them to focus on key company initiatives.

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PerimeterX Bot Defender helps us with the constant ‘cat and mouse’ game we play with bots, ensuring that we stay ahead of evolving bots without much work on our side and without maintaining configurations and static rules.

North America VP of E-commerce and Digital TechnologyLeading Apparel Brand

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