Six Major Bot Threats to Holiday eCommerce and How to Stop Them

Expect record-breaking volume of criminal bot attacks on ecommerce websites and mobile apps in the imminent 2018 holiday shopping season. Attackers have access to almost unlimited stolen account credentials, they use smarter bots, and they begin probing attacks in October. This whitepaper covers:

  • Why the most widespread attacks – account takeover, scraping of prices and content, and card fraud – are expected to increase in scope and intensity.
  • How bot attacks get past traditional defenses, undetected – and how we know they do.
  • The speed and ease with which attacks shift from website to mobile apps and APIs
  • New technologies that can detect and effectively stop all types of bot attacks against websites and mobile apps/APIs.

Six Most Damaging Bot Attacks in the Upcoming Holiday Season - and How To Stop Them