infographicLICENSED TO PerimeterXCopyright© 2021 CyberEdge Group, LLC.All rights reserved.The PerimeterX Platform is a set of cloud-nativeinfrastructure and services that powers an award-winningsuite of application protection solutions.The solutions powered by the Platform protect online businessesagainst automated attacks and client-side threats,and improve operational efficiency.Respondents selected up to three.Increased speed of deploying application updatesIncreased speed of deploying new applicationsImproved relations between DevOps and SecOps personnelReduced costsFewer application security vulnerabilities / risks47.2%45.8%42.9%38.5%38.3%Organizations embracing DevSecOpshighlight these as the biggest benefits.BENEFITS OF DevSecOpsAPI gateway /protection#1Web applicationfirewall (WAF)#2Databasefirewall#3Most widely used todayBotmanagement#1File integrity /activity monitoring(FIM / FAM)#2Most planned for acquisitionRISING STARS AND ESTABLISHED STARSAPPLICATION AND DATA SECURITY TECHNOLOGYUnauthorizedad injections23.0%Digitalskimming /Magecartattacks29.6%Carding /payment fraudattacks35.3%Maliciousbrowserextensions37.6%Personallyidentifiableinformation (PII)harvesting39.7%Accounttakeover /credential stuffingattacks43.7%Respondents selected up to three.Organizations are most concerned about these attacks on websites.WORRIES ABOUT WEB AND MOBILE ATTACKSRanked on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being of most concern.Malware (viruses, worms, Trojans)RansomwarePhishing / spear-phishing attacksAccount takeover / credential abuse attacksDenial of service (DoS / DDoS) attacksAdvanced persistent threats (APTs) / targeted attacksWeb application attacks (SQL injections, cross-site scripting)4.043.993.993.983.983.973.94Organizations are anxious about these cyberthreats.Malware, account takeover, ransomware, and phishing lead the list.MOST FEARED CYBERTHREATSMOST CHALLENGING IT SECURITY FUNCTIONSOrganizations are least confident about their defenses in these areas.Third-party risk management is rated as the greatest concern.Detection ofadvanced /sophisticatedthreatsBrandprotectionIncidentinvestigationand responseThird-party riskmanagement(TPRM)Attack surfacereduction (patchmanagement,pen testing)Insights from theCyberthreat Defense Report2021CyberEdge Group’s eighth annual Cyberthreat Defense Report reveals howIT security professionals perceive the security posture of their organizationsand the challenges they face establishing effective cyberthreat defenses.Download InfographicDOWNLOAD REPORT
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