infographicIn just one hour of one day, if we had not had PerimeterX Bot Defenderin place, we would have seen about 34,000 hits on our backend paymentprocessor. That’s about $3,100 (in fees) in just an hour.Lee TarverSenior Manager of Information Security Architecture and EngineeringSally Beautyfrom home page to checkoutwith PerimeterX.PROTECT YOUR DIGITAL STOREFRONTEnsure asafe digital experiencefor your shoppers.Carding attacksuse malicious bots toteststolen credit cards and siphon loyalty pointson checkout pages.Digital skimming attackslikeMagecartmanipulate your checkout page,skim credit card data and customer PII.CheckoutPay NowDigitalSkimmingCardingAttacks2023202220212020$130BbyExpected loss fromcard-not-present fraudLogin pages are the primary targets foraccount abuse. They provide cybercriminalsthe ability tointroduce fraudulent purchases,siphon loyalty points and even hijackpersonal datausing malicious bots.Login PageMy AccountAccountAbuseQ2 2020Q2 2019increase inATO attempts282%Scalping and hoarding botsattack cart pages,negatively impacting your entire inventory inseconds. This canfrustrate customers, taxyour infrastructure and hurt revenue.of checkouttrafficcan bebot-driveninpeak sales periods90%Shopping CartView CartScalping &HoardingBot traffic to any page canskew analytics,making your KPIs and metrics unreliable.Most companies do not recognize theproblem andcontinue making decisionsusing inaccurate data.of website trafficcomes from bad bots40-50%Product PageAdd to CartSkewedAnalyticsLost revenuedue to bad bots80%Web scraping botscan take content and datafrom your home page and product pages, andreplicate it on a competing website,stealingyour traffic, customers and your revenue.Home PageWelcome!WebScrapingThe Buyer Journey From Home Pageto Checkout