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Frost & Sullivan Report: 2020 European Application Security Technology

Learn Why PerimeterX is an Innovation Award Winner

Your website, mobile applications and APIs are the most vital point of contact for your digital business. Customers rely on these resources to interact your brand, fetch information about products and make purchases. When your customers provide personally identifiable information (PII) or credit card data through these avenues, this creates an attractive vector for bad bots and automated attacks. “PerimeterX has realized the importance of maximizing infrastructure performance while keeping unwanted elements out,” according to independent research firm Frost & Sullivan. “PerimeterX offers one of the most complete solution suites in the industry, allowing for a secure browsing experience for users and greater visibility for site owners.”

Read the Frost & Sullivan report to learn:

  • The business value of web application security
  • Background and performance highlights of the PerimeterX Platform
  • Analyses on best practices for protection

Frost & Sullivan

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