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Internet Retailer: How to Prepare for 2020 Holiday Shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted common shopping trends, expediting the mass adoption of online and mobile shopping. This preparation guide from Internet Retailer, a publication of Digital Commerce 360, highlights how retailers are preparing for what lies ahead for the crucial November and December sales seasons.

Read the Internet Retailer report to get insights on:

  • How retailers have altered their plans as Coronavirus in the U.S. persists and the uncertainty of a second wave looms.
  • Why fulfillment scenario planning is the name of the game for retailers during this unusual holiday season.
  • How Amazon sellers are shipping inventory early to warehouses while also beefing up alternative sales channels as the pandemic pushes on.

In addition, we share how retailers can defend against bot-driven fraud and support increased surges of online traffic this holiday shopping season.Internet Retailer: How to Prepare for 2020 Holiday Shopping

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