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TAG Cyber 2021 Security Annual Report

Our changing world is impacting how digital businesses operate, and as an extension, how they adjust their protective strategies. When consumers rely increasingly on online services, traffic inevitably increases to all e-commerce sites and other digital enterprises. And as always, attackers follow the money. "The PerimeterX team helped us gain deeper insight into the management of bot attacks, avoidance of client-side attacks, and mitigation of ad injection," according to independent research firm TAG Cyber. "Each of these defenses has the goal of enhancing the security and integrity of web and mobile applications."

Read the TAG Cyber report to explore:

  • How digital transformation requires security innovation
  • The increased sophistication of attacks on enterprises
  • Expert takes on threat mitigation

And be sure to check out the article by PerimeterX CTO Ido Safruti on page 184.

Security Annual Report

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