AppSecIL 2017: VP R&D Amir Shaked Discussed Bot Attacks in Ecommerce

Using bots to profit from shopping carts is a growth industry. Amir Shaked takes you through hackers’ super-distributed attack methods, the anatomy of scalper attacks, and their motives for hoarding attacks - where you sell nothing, but your customers see a “Sold Out” message. He also covers solutions; which measures to apply when volumetric and signature detection – and other traditional methods – can’t stop the newest generations of bots targeting carts.

Learn which attacks:

  • Are the most pervasive, and damage a retailer’s competitiveness the most.
  • Hurt your customers financially and trash customer relationships.
  • Outright sabotage your business and inflict the greatest immediate monetary loss.
  • Skew your analytics, disrupt decision-making, and trash marketing budgets.
  • May constitute 20% of your cart traffic right now – and can cause a DDoS shutdown.