FanDuel blocks ATO and credential stuffing attacks with PerimeterX

FanDuel is the premier gaming destination in the United States, the company has over 12 million customers and a sports betting presence in 50 states. FanDuel experienced unprecedented growth in 2018 due to a United States Supreme Court ruling that allowed wagers on professional sporting events in the US. As FanDuel’s popularity and product portfolio grew, it became a large target for account takeover (ATO) attacks and credential stuffing attacks. The company needed a solution that could protect against growingly sophisticated and distributed bot attacks.

FanDuel integrated PerimeterX Bot Defender with AWS CloudFront, allowing the company to:

  • Stop bots from using stolen credentials to access user accounts
  • Prevent account takeover (ATO) attacks
  • Protect the company’s reputation and keep its bottom line safe

“It’s an enormous benefit for us to defend against malicious authentication requests. We derive terrific value from Bot Defender and it continues to be our primary layer seven security control in our defense against bad actors.”

- Alan Murray, Senior Director, Architecture at FanDuel

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