Indochino Video Case Study

Indochino Protects Customer Experience and Online Revenue with PerimeterX

Indochino provides made to measure men’s suits, shirts, blazers, casual and outerwear, and accessories. As the company’s popularity increased, so did the amount of malicious traffic to its e-commerce site. Indochino needed a solution to accurately identify and block malicious bot activity while guaranteeing a fast and frictionless experience for real users.

Indochino was able to easily integrate PerimeterX Bot Defender with its existing e-commerce platform, YOTTAA, and realize the following benefits:

  • Prevent account takeover (ATO) attacks
  • Protect online revenue
  • Minimize site downtime

“We looked at many options to find the right automated solution to block bot traffic. The benefit of PerimeterX was the product roadmap, the way Bot Defender leverages AI and the way (they) looked at bots. It was really advanced.”

- Alex Buhler, Chief Technology Officer, Indochino

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