Kiva Video Case Study

Kiva is a technology forward non-profit that allows people to lend money to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries. Founded in 2005, over $1 billion in loans have been funded through Kiva. The company began noticing sophisticated account takeover (ATO) attacks and needed a solution that could quickly and easily integrate with its existing technology stack.

With PerimeterX Bot Defender, the company was able to:

  • Prevent lender accounts from being compromised by ATO attacks
  • Securely provide loans to its borrowers
  • Seamlessly integrate with its Apache configuration

“When I saw what the product was, I was super excited because it was exactly what we needed. It was like a bullseye — razor focused on the issue that we had. We really liked that the product was able to differentiate between automated attackers and our real users.”

- Marc Dantona, Senior Engineering Manager, Information Technology, Kiva

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