The Bot Attacks that PerimeterX Detects and Blocks, with Ido Safruti

Answer this question: is the user a human, or a malicious bot? Armies of ever more sophisticated bots have become a very dangerous attack vehicle. To stop them – and take the lead in the arms race – think about security in a new way. PerimeterX CTO discusses:

  • How attackers and bots evolve every year. The latest incarnations: very smart browsers, and malware.
  • In how many ways is cybercrime profit achievable: account takeover, ransomware, click fraud, and scraping, among others.
  • What drives the alarming success rate (up to 8%) of brute-force attacks..
  • How IoT devices are now exploited for highly advanced attacks, not just DDoS.
  • What is so different about recognizing humans, instead of bots.