Bot Attacks And The Drag On Marketing

Bot attacks are wreaking havoc on marketing budgets. They are getting around traditional countermeasures, lowering campaign effectiveness, fraudulently siphoning off marketing funds, and rendering analytics useless. They have evolved to the point where their access footprint appears very human and undetectable. The latest ones are latching on to authenticated human sessions as stealthy parasites.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How the battle against click fraud can be won and what no longer works
  • How programatic ad buys are compromised, how to solve the challenge
  • Latest stealth bot that is grabbing affiliate revenue on the coattails of real human transactions
  • The business impact to marketing across all types of bots
  • How to detect click fraud, how to protect against click fraud bot attacks

Click Fraud Bot Attacks - Stop Ad Click Fraud - Prevent Affiliate Marketing Fraud