PerimeterX for Digital Enterprises

PerimeterX protects the websites, mobile applications and APIs of digital enterprises so you can reduce risk, increase operational efficiency, protect your users’ experience and grow your revenue.

PerimeterX for Digital Enterprises

Grow Your Digital Enterprise and Safeguard Your User’s Experience

Login Pages

In order to provide a personalized experience for your customers, you make it easy for them to create and log in to their own account. Unfortunately, login pages also create a new avenue for cybercriminals who perform automated attacks on the login pages to steal personal data, takeover an account to make fraudulent purchases or take loyalty points.


Account takeover is #4 on list of top security concerns

Content Pages

Digital enterprises share content and images on your website to personalize your users’ experience and to educate them about your products and services. This content is also valuable to competitors who use web scraping bots to take it from your website—without permission. By using your content on their website, competitors damage your SEO ranking by presenting duplicate content, and make it hard for current and prospective customers to easily find you.

Bots makes it hard to tell the difference between human and malicious traffic, and can massively skew your analytics. You may be making decisions off of metrics and KPIs for user tracking, bounce and click rates, campaign responses and engagement that are unreliable.


of the traffic to your website comes from scraping bots

Checkout Pages

Digital businesses are responsible for protecting their customers’ personally identifiable information (PII), yet digital skimming attacks like Magecart skim credit card data from your checkout pages. These attacks on third-party code are hard to spot because they happen on the client-side, but a successful attack can result in chargebacks, card declines and regulatory fines.

Only 11%

of website owners have complete insight into third-party scripts on their sites

Secure Your Digital Enterprise Website with PerimeterX


Accurate Threat Identification

Using machine learning and behavior-based analytics, PerimeterX solutions detect and block automated bot attacks and client-side threats with unparalleled accuracy.


Fully Compatible with Your Existing Infrastructure

The PerimeterX technology platform is cloud-based and can be deployed anywhere. It is compatible with your existing infrastructure including cloud services and content delivery network solutions.


Proactive, Real-Time Support and Services

To keep watch over your web and mobile applications and APIs, PerimeterX functions as an extension of your team and provides responsive, best-in-class service and around-the-clock security analyst oversight.

Products for Digital Enterprises

PerimeterX Bot Defender

Scalable, behavior-based bot protection for web and mobile applications, and APIs. Defend against account abuse, checkout abuse, and web scraping.

Case Study

In three days, we could see a huge reduction of fraudulent transaction attempts—from 100,000 to 150.

Bryan Shanaver, CEO at Donately
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