PerimeterX for Travel and Hospitality

PerimeterX defends your website from evolving attacks so you can focus on driving conversions and brand loyalty

PerimeterX for Travel and Hospitality

Protect Your Competitive Edge at Every Stage of the User Journey

Login Pages

Login pages offer personalized travel tips and recommendations, fast checkouts, and overviews of loyalty point balances that are vulnerable to cybercriminal attacks using malicious bots. Automated attacks can introduce fraudulent purchases, siphon loyalty points and even hijack personal data, leaving your customers with a negative online experience and affecting customer loyalty. The approach of relying on reCAHTCHAs to detect these attacks isn’t enough to protect your brand and reputation.


growth in account takeover attacks from 2018 to 2019

Product Pages

Web scraping bots steal product descriptions, images and pricing from your website for use on third-party websites that damage your SEO rankings and lead visitors to your travel and hospitality competitors, even affecting your better pricing model. Bot traffic can skew your analytics so that many of your KPIs and metrics, including look-to-book ratios, user tracking and engagement, session duration, bounce rates, ad clicks, campaign data and conversion funnel, are untrustworthy. Unauthorized ad injections or extensions on browsers can redirect customers away from your site.


of website traffic comes from bots

Checkout Pages

A successful attack on checkout pages can significantly impact customer confidence, brand, revenue, and result in chargebacks, card declines, and regulatory fines.

Carding attacks use malicious bots to test stolen credit cards on checkout pages. Digital skimming like Magecart attacks manipulate your checkout page and skim credit card data. Extensions on users’ browsers send potential customers away from your site driving away sales. Scalping and hoarding bots impact your entire inventory in seconds.


in fines paid by British Airways from Magecard Attacks

Secure Your Digital Business with PerimeterX


Accurate Threat Identification

Using machine learning and behavior-based analytics, PerimeterX solutions detect and block automated bot attacks and client-side threats with unparalleled accuracy. Your online business is protected while preserving user experience and page response times.


Fully Compatible Integration

PerimeterX is cloud-based and platform-agnostic. Using machine learning, we constantly update our library of attack patterns based on interactions with applications, fingerprints from devices and network characteristics to protect against the next new threat.


Frictionless Customer Experience

To keep watch over your web and mobile applications and APIs, PerimeterX functions as an extension of your team and provides responsive, best-in-class service and around-the-clock security analyst oversight.

Products for Travel and Hospitality Businesses

PerimeterX Bot Defender

Scalable, behavior-based bot protection for web and mobile applications, and APIs. Defend against account takeover, checkout abuse and web scraping.

Case Study

By blocking bad traffic with PerimeterX Bot Defender, we were able to cut homepage hits by half which increased the page load speed and overall conversions.

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