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Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is when a third-party generates clicks on a paid advertisement or link without being interested in the offer or wanting to do business with the advertiser. Bots may repeatedly click on your ads to deplete ad budgets, inject themselves to fraudulently earn affiliate commissions, and in the process skew analytics that help shape where future marketing dollars are spent.

Bots are no longer easy to identify. In the past, a bot attack would typically come from the same IP addresses, farms of servers or networks generating bad traffic, which once identified could be blacklisted. Now more sophisticated attacks distribute the bot traffic over a great range of IP addresses via proxy networks. Or in conjunction with hijacking control of a user’s browser, a diverse network of infected users’ browsers will click on ads while otherwise appearing as a legitimate human source.

Advertisers can use PerimeterX Bot Defender in two different ways for Ad fraud. The first is to explicitly block non-human activity to prevent delivery of pages or advertising to bot traffic. This includes cases in which bot activity is generated in parallel to legitimate user traffic. In cases in which So a second way to use Bot Defender is to have it evaluate the quality of clicks and impressions delivered to different sources, and to not pay for non-human traffic or sources of traffic.