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Price Scraping

Price is an important factor for online purchases. It often drives where shoppers will visit when they are ready to make a purchase, both for products that are purchased and delivered to the customers, as well as services where consumers want the best value for things such as travel. The battle between competing sites for the best price has driven a specialized form of content scraping that, called price scraping. This is where bots specifically gather pricing data for comparison or competitive use.

The problem is pervasive - a specialized sub-industry exists to provide pricing data and intelligence to savvy marketers. The acquired data may be used for competitive pricing resulting in lower conversion rates and sales. Beyond pricing, competitors’ data collection of product information can also yield information and clues to inventory levels, discounts and product turnover.

The impact to a business can be substantial in terms of depressed sales or lost opportunities. Additionally, automated processes that constantly scan commerce sites for pricing data may hit many pages, often, and use up resources that could instead be pulling in live human customers.

PerimeterX Bot Defender protects your product and pricing data from being harvested by web bots. It blocks disruptive or malicious attacks by stopping any automated process that you don’t explicitly allow from crawling or having access to your site.