Automated Fraud Benchmark Report: E-commerce Edition

Gain insights to reduce your risk and better secure your modern web apps
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Safeguard Your Consumer’s Digital Experience

Your web and mobile applications are the online consumer experience for your company. They represent your brand, drive your business and play a key role in your overall success. While you focus on growing your business, you also need to safeguard it from evolving threats, such as account takeover, Magecart and browser malware.

Why PerimeterX

Exceptional Accuracy

Use capabilities like behavioral fingerprints, predictive analytics and advanced machine learning models to differentiate real users from automated attacks and accurately identify and block sophisticated threats.

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Platform Agnostic Architecture

Deploy solutions in minutes. CDN, load balancer and server agnostic approach allows you to seamlessly integrate our solutions to any existing infrastructure and automatically scale with your business growth.

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Customer-centric Approach

Enjoy easy onboarding, best-in-class security expertise and responsiveness and 24/7/365 security analyst oversight to keep your business continuously protected.

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