Behavior-based Web Protection

A new approach for Accurate, Easy to Integrate Protection from Automated Attacks

What is PerimeterX Bot Defender

PerimeterX Bot Defender is the easiest to integrate and most accurate service to detect and mitigate automated web attacks.

Behavioral Fingerprinting

100's of indicators from the user, browser/device, and network are analyzed as a behavioral fingerprint — the bots can't hide.

Automated Detection

Out-of-the-box ready — real-time threat detection combined with advanced machine learning provides the high accuracy with no pre-configuration needed.

5 Minute Integration

Drop in a JavaScript snippet for immediate visibility into the impact of bots on your website.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

PerimeterX Bot Defender requires just a few minutes to set up and start uncovering how bots are affecting your website.

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