Build you Career in Cyber SecurityCyber Security Academy Program

  • Does unraveling a complex mystery stir your adrenaline?
  • Are you excited by hunting and defeating nefarious criminals?
  • Do you have a killer “detective” instinct?
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If you have experience and/or strong academic training in one of the following, our Cyber Security Academy Program can open a bright career path that you may not have considered previously.

    • Network Communications
    • Computer Science
    • Fraud Analysis
    • Ad Tech
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Economics
    • Leading Academic Programs
      (e.g. Pakam, Atidim)

A global war is under way between cybercriminals and everyone else. Cybercrime, as a national economy, would rank today as the 13th largest in the world. A key driver: bots taking over the Internet. Today, more than 50% of web traffic is not human. Bot attacks can comprise 90% of login attempts on some websites.

Automated attacks mutate constantly. Security defenses have traditionally played catchup. PerimeterX developed new, highly effective bot protection technology which incorporates machine learning and predictive security intelligence. Our adversaries are intensely focused on trying to outsmart our defenses. Maintaining the advantage requires that we continue to advance in an arms race of ingenuity.

Expertise in math, statistics, and big data are becoming even more important weapons for the good guys

This is where YOU - and your quantitative skills - come in.

If you love data and solving complex problems, our new Cyber Security Academy program can be your opportunity to go to the front lines of advanced cyber security, and make an impact on a large scale.

How the Cyber Security Academy Training Program Works

  • 1You bring your
    math, statistics
    and/or computer
    science skills
    and experience.
  • 2We train you.
    Your instructors
    will be alumni
    of the elite cyber
    intelligence units
  • 3We pay you
    during the training
  • 4After two month,
    you join our
    Research team
    as a Cyber
    Security Analyst

We realize you won't be an expert in cyber security to start.

Our Cyber Security Acvademy program will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge.

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