PerimeterX Bot Defender™

PerimeterX Bot Defender is an easy-to-deploy and highly scalable service that protects websites from automated attacks. Site owners face ever increasing threats: content or price-scraping bots that steal content, methodical scans for any site vulnerabilities, brute force attacks for logins or commerce, and click fraud wasting your advertising budget, among others.

Bot attacks are problematic as both volume and sophistication of attacks continue to rise. Approaches that rely on rate of attack, blacklists, and static threat signatures are increasingly less effective as bot threats are quick to morph, leaving site owners with thousands or millions of old threat profiles and increasing difficulty in identifying new ones.

Behavioral Fingerprinting

PerimeterX has created a new approach focused on dynamic behavior profiles of real customers - what a good customer looks like based on client-side analysis. We target the behavior and environment of users rather than historical signatures of bad bots. This approach leads to highly effective identification of bad bot traffic including zero-day threat or threats not previously seen to the system. Optimized heuristics then score each access as part of the overall pattern of access in order to block or alert the session as desired.

Tag-Based Implementation - No Proxy or Gateway

PerimeterX Bot Defender is designed for high scalability and frictionless integration. PerimeterX Bot Defender is called via an easy-to-manage javascript tag or API and evaluates traffic out-of-band of actual content delivery. It is provided as a cloud service discrete from a customer’s own delivery infrastructure, and therefore doesn’t affect site performance. It is fully compatible with CDNs and cloud services at any scale, as well as customer-managed equipment.


PerimeterX Bot Defender provides robust reporting for analyzed traffic and threats via a web-based console. Deeper understanding of attacks is available via the Forensic view. Attacks may easily be filtered for view by time and risk score. They can be further grouped by country, ip, user, and customer-defined parameters.

DevOps Friendly

The service was built with flexibility of DevOps control and management as a top priority. Detection can start immediately with no impact to existing service infrastructure. Automated risk scoring for both good and bad bots can be augmented with customer-set configurations and rules engine settings. API integration allows information to be passed to customer systems, as well as directly controlled via API. Blocking is flexibly deployed, either at CDN/cloud infrastructure level, the application level or via available server modules or SDKs. In all cases, the risk score is used to block or challenge for access.

A Better Solution

PerimeterX Bot Defender is simply the most scalable and powerful system for bot attacks against websites. Designed for today’s web architecture at any scale, the sophisticated real-time detection defends against the full range of automated bot attacks, both known and unknown.