PerimeterX is Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™

Read more in the Forrester Wave: Bot Management, Q2 2022

PerimeterX is Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™

The Leader in Comprehensive Account Protection

Stop automated fraud and account takeover on your web application.

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Alaska Airlines

Protect Users’ Account and Identity Information Everywhere Along Their Digital Journey

The PerimeterX Platform is a set of cloud-native infrastructure and services that powers an award-winning suite of products that detect and stop the abuse of identity and account information on the web.

Prevent automated fraud

PerimeterX Bot Defender leverages behavioral signals, intelligent fingerprinting and predictive methods to accurately detect and mitigate bot attacks in real time.

Protects against:

  • Account Takeover and Credential Stuffing
  • Carding and Gift Card Cracking
  • Denial of Inventory and Scalping
  • Web Scraping
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PerimeterX Code DefenderPerimeterX Code Defender

Get real-time visibility and control of your supply chain attack surface

PerimeterX Code Defender thwarts suspicious code using a mix of granular JavaScript blocking, CSP rules and behavioral monitoring.

Protect against:

  • Client-side Supply Chain Attacks
  • Digital Skimming and Magecart
  • PII Harvesting and Formjacking
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PerimeterX Code DefenderPerimeterX Code Defender

Ensure real people, not bots, get limited-edition products during hype sales

PerimeterX Hype Sales Protection works in conjunction with Bot Defender to manage sophisticated bot attacks during hype sales and high-volume sales events.

Protects against:

  • Denial of Inventory
  • Scalping
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PerimeterX Code DefenderPerimeterX Code Defender
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Customer Spotlight

Hibbett Sports Case StudyHibbett Sports Case Study

We have built a very strong feedback loop with the PerimeterX team that allows us to have a tailored proactive approach to protecting our website and our customers from a constantly changing threat landscape.

Senior Director of E-commerceHibbett Sports

Why PerimeterX

Exceptional Accuracy

Accurately identify and block sophisticated threats using a unique combination of behavioral fingerprints, predictive analytics and advanced machine learning models.

Platform Agnostic Architecture

Integrate with a wide range of content delivery networks (CDNs), load balancers and web application servers without having to make changes to your infrastructure. Quickly deploy and tune for your environment.

Customer-centric Approach

Enjoy easy onboarding, best-in-class security expertise and responsiveness, and security analyst oversight to keep your business continuously protected.

Why PerimeterXWhy PerimeterX

PerimeterX is Named as a Leader in Bot Management by Forrester

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