PerimeterX Code Defender™

Stop client-side data breaches

PerimeterX Code Defender is a client-side application security solution that continuously protects your website from digital skimming, formjacking and Magecart attacks, stopping data breaches and reducing your risk of non-compliance.

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PerimeterX Code Defender

Reduce Risk of Data Breaches

Detect and prevent digital skimming and Magecart attacks. Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Protect your brand reputation.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Enable innovation at digital speed. Streamline DevOps and DevSecOps workflows. Minimize process overhead.

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Case Study

We wanted to find the anomalies and changes in our client-side scripts. The Code Defender behavioral analysis solution greatly simplifies this process.

Lee TarverSr. Manager, Security Architecture and Engineering, Sally Beauty
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Why PerimeterX

Detect, Analyze and Mitigate

Code Defender stops client-side data breaches on your website using advanced behavioral analysis and content security policies (CSP). The lightweight PerimeterX JavaScript Sensor embeds easily into web pages and collects key signals on browser script activity, including network and storage access and modifications to the document object model (DOM). The cloud-native PerimeterX Detector uses advanced machine learning to analyze script behavior and to identify anomalies and vulnerabilities in first-, third- and Nth-party scripts, which can be visualized on an intuitive timeline chart within the Code Defender Portal.

The out-of-band PerimeterX Enforcer works with your web servers or CDN to automatically manage your CSP and block suspicious script activity in real time. Combined with the JavaScript Sensor, this multi-layered approach better protects your website against a wide range of attack techniques and vulnerabilities.

Full Visibility and Control

Code Defender gives you real-time visibility and control over first-, third- and Nth-party scripts running on your website. Unlike other solutions that only protect against third-party attacks, relying only on sandboxes or CSP rules, Code Defender provides multi-layered protection against client-side data breaches resulting from supply chain attacks, first-party compromises and open source vulnerabilities. Combining the rich intelligence of a JavaScript Sensor with the standards-based enforcement capabilities of CSP, it continuously protects your website from an ever-evolving range of attack techniques.

Behavior-based Learning

Code Defender uses advanced machine learning models that automatically learn, inventory and baseline all script activity on your web pages. This eliminates the need to manually inventory your website scripts and pre-configure policies, thus saving time and resources. Code Defender generates prioritized alerts on suspicious script activities, enabling you to mitigate digital skimming and Magecart attacks in real time.

CSP-based Blocking

Code Defender automatically manages CSP rules by learning script behavior and generating directives to control script sources and network communication. By leveraging standards-based CSP capabilities, Code Defender blocks malicious script actions and prevents client-side data breaches across website platforms and browser versions.

Preserve User Experience

Code Defender is built to preserve your user experience and page load performance. Unlike sandbox-based solutions that increase page load times, the asynchronous execution of the JavaScript Sensor and out-of-band deployment ensure quick response times and a positive experience for your users.

Threat Research Leadership

The PerimeterX research team conducts proactive research into new and existing digital skimming and Magecart threats to identify vulnerable scripts, malicious domains and novel attack techniques. This research is used to continuously improve Code Defender detection and to provide actionable context on alerts. Read the PerimeterX blog for the latest updates from our research team.

Enterprise Level Customer Services

Our 24/7/365 proactive security team is always available via multiple channels to help you investigate security incidents, provide actionable insights and function as an extension of your team. Our team analyzes alerts from Code Defender as they occur, enabling you to quickly investigate and mitigate client-side attacks.

Powered by the PerimeterX Platform

The PerimeterX Platform is a set of cloud-native infrastructure and services that powers an award-winning suite of application protection solutions. PerimeterX Bot Defender, PerimeterX Code Defender and PerimeterX Page Defender protect online businesses against automated attacks and client-side threats. By using a single, easy to deploy client-side Sensor along with a cloud-based Detector and an Enforcer that integrates with a wide range of server side and edge technologies, you can preserve your existing architecture without impacting user experience. The intuitive Portal enables your operations team to investigate and mitigate multiple threats and greatly improves their operational efficiency.

How Code Defender Works

  • Collect

    The PerimeterX Sensor collects activity signals from the client-side browser including interactions with the DOM, network domains and local storage. This information is sent to the cloud-based Detector for analysis. The Sensor does not collect any personal data from the browser.

  • Analyze

    The cloud-based Detector analyzes the client-side activity signals using advanced machine learning models to build a baseline profile for every first-, third- and Nth-party script running on the web page. The Detector flags any changes in script behavior or execution of new scripts and automatically generates alerts.

  • Mitigate

    The out-of-band Enforcer works with your web server or CDN to automatically manage and enforce CSP rules. Updated with continuous intelligence from the Detector, the Enforcer ensures that the CSP prevents scripts from being loaded from unknown domains, and blocks malicious network communication on the client-side browser.

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