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PerimeterX Code Defender Protect Client-Side User Data

Client-Side Data Theft is Exploding

Client-side code is an important part of the modern website, but it is also a security blindspot. The exploding usage of code libraries and open-source tools, and the massive growth of third-party services’ scripts leave websites exposed. Malicious scripts running on a user’s browser, right along with your scripts that provide critical functionality, introduce the potential of data theft and abuse.

With Code Defender you get visibility into the client-side scripts running on your website and mobile applications. This enables you to safeguard your digital business from malicious attackers and protect your brand reputation.

of all developers use code components to build web applications.

of the front-end code is comprised of third-party scripts.

Take Control of the Client Side

Attacks Can Come From Anywhere

  • Open Source and Server Plugin Abuse

    Attackers take advantage of open source code components and ready-to-download plugins to gain access to users’ sensitive data and payment cards details

  • Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

    You rely on scripts from trusted vendors to help you better understand your business and the people who buy from you. If these scripts are infected, you could be impacted.

Code Defender Detects These Attacks


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