White paper: Gen4 Bot Attacks and How to Stop Them

How it Works

how it works diagram

  1. Deploy

    When you add our JavaScript snippet to your website, it will load our sensor to the browser. PerimeterX Bot Defender’s code is asynchronous. It doesn’t slow down your site. It takes you only five minutes to get started.

  2. Sense

    Our sensor collects and sends data to evaluate browser, user and network activities. Our dashboard will show all normal and malicious bot activities on your site in real-time.

  3. Detect

    Our cloud-based detector evaluates sensor data in real-time, using machine learning and behavioral analysis to create a Risk Score. The Risk Score identifies whether a user is malicious or not and is sent in a secure and encrypted cookie back to the user’s browser.

  4. Enforce

    The Risk Score is picked up by our enforcer. Based on the score we block or challenge the user, and are able to either incriminate or exonerate the user based on the nature of the page and threat.