PerimeterX Page Defender™

Keep your shoppers on the path to purchase

PerimeterX Page Defender preserves the intended online shopper experience by blocking unwanted coupon extensions and ad injections. Eliminating these pop ups means you can prevent your site visitors from getting redirected to competitors, hide unauthorized content from being shown on your site and reduce fraudulent affiliate fees. With Page Defender, you take back control of the shoppers’ experience, protect your brand reputation and keep shoppers on the path to purchase.

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PerimeterX Psgr Defender

Engagement Loss Means Revenue Loss

Up to 20% of your website users could be infected by adware and browser malware that not only inject intrusive ads or steal your customers but also prevent users from completing their purchase. These client-side page redirects and user path hijacking are the result of extensions that users knowingly or unknowingly install on their computers that takes business away from your site.

Prevent unwanted ads from changing the users’ intended path or redirecting your web visitors away from your site. Increase digital marketing ROI and reduce affiliate marketing fraud.

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Protect Your Website From:

Case Study

With over 2 million monthly visitors, and a 100 percent guarantee, it was critical to protect our customers from malicious and targeted browser-based injections while not impacting page load times or the browsing experience of users.

CIOleading e-commerce company
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Why PerimeterX

Granular and Precise Control

You can control any extension’s interaction with your site. Page Defender enables you to choose which extensions you want to block and which extensions you want to allow.

Granular and Precise Control

Preserves Performance

The asynchronous execution of the JavaScript-based Sensor ensures quick response times and a positive experience for your users.

Preserves Performance

Learns Continuously

The machine learning (ML) based Detector continuously learns about new browser malware, adware, bad extensions and malicious injections. The Detector analyzes conversions and user paths to help optimize engagement.

Learns Continuously

Comprehensive Account Protection

The PerimeterX Platform is a set of cloud-native infrastructure and services that powers an award-winning suite of application protection solutions. These solutions prevent the criminal theft, validation and fraudulent use of consumers’ identity and account information on the websites and mobile apps that leverage a PerimeterX solution. In addition to Account Defender, the Platform also powers PerimeterX Bot Defender which stops automated bot attacks, PerimeterX Code Defender which protects your website from client-side supply chain attacks and PerimeterX Credential Intelligence that stops real-world credential stuffing attacks.

Powered by the PerimeterX Platform

How Page Defender Works

How Page Defender Works
  • Collect

    The PerimeterX Sensor collects and sends client-side indicators to the Detector to identify active browser extensions and ad injections.

  • Analyze

    The PerimeterX cloud-based ML Detector analyzes the behavioral data and compares it to thousands of browser extensions, simultaneously measuring its impact on conversion.

  • Block

    The PerimeterX Sensor then blocks browser extensions and ad injections based on customized business needs.

  • Report

    The PerimeterX cloud-based management console displays all activity in real time including blocked and malicious redirects. The report shows the percentage of users with extensions, ad injections and browser malware.

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