PerimeterX Technology Platform

The PerimeterX platform provides common services for the PerimeterX product portfolio, enabling full visibility and control of your web and mobile applications and APIs. The platform supports a broad range of integration options and advanced capabilities to meet your business and development needs.

PerimeterX Technology Platform

Protect Your Web and Mobile Applications and APIs With:


PerimeterX Bot Defender

Scalable, behavior-based bot protection for web and mobile applications, and APIs. Defend against account takeover, checkout abuse and web scraping.

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How it Works

  • Sensor

    The sensor collects and sends hundreds of user indicators to the detector for validation of human versus bot activity, and to create the device and browser fingerprints. The same sensor collects user activity and hundreds of other signals asynchronously for the entire PerimeterX portfolio.

  • Detector

    The machine learning (ML) based detector continuously learns the common characteristics of human interactions, correlates it with customer-defined policies and updates the sensor with new intelligence. The detector maintains a repository of known attacks, shared with all customers, so malicious actions can be blocked quickly. The detector frequently updates its data set and augments its ML features based on internal and external data. The detector processes billions of events every day to provide best-in-class detection.

  • Enforcer

    The enforcer is the gatekeeper for threat response policies generated by the detector. It enriches and mitigates automated traffic according to business needs. The enforcer also continuously learns and updates the detector with relevant data. The enforcer can be deployed inline into any existing web architecture. In the case where there is no requirement for enforcement on the server, the enforcement is done on the client-side.

  • Console

    The cloud-based management portal displays activity - including attacks, blocked requests and traffic trends - in real-time. Manage the configuration and settings for your PerimeterX products from a single pane of glass that features an intuitive admin interface. Investigate and generate custom reports for attacks using the advanced reporting, analysis and investigation capabilities of the portal. The portal also supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication, including out-of-the-box integrations with Google and Okta.

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