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PerimeterX Integrates With NGINX: Our Customers Drive This Integration


When your customers use one of the world’s most performant, most reliable, and most scalable web and application delivery systems, one that powers at least one third of the Internet and has more than 390M installations, you don’t think about if you should integrate into the platform, you think how well can you integrate into the platform. With the recent announcement of PerimeterX Enforcer for NGINX and NGINX Plus, PerimeterX continues its commitment to protecting the Internet and supporting its most used technologies.

For the past three years we have supported running the PerimeterX enforcement component on NGINX and NGINX Plus through the use of the Lua NGINX Module. This has proven to be robust and reliable at its core. This software runs on some of the world’s most visited websites protecting 28,000,000,000 (28B) web and API requests a month. It has provided flexibility to customers who wanted to create features on their own for added functionality.

So why did we choose to rewrite this perfectly functioning module in C? Simple. Customer demand. Our customers are always looking to enhance and leverage their favorite technologies. This next step in the evolution of our integration for NGINX brings improved support for HTTP/2 proxying, enhanced access to low level data from HTTP requests which improves security detection, and the configuration simplicity that allows customers to easily integrate into systems such as Kubernetes via ingress controllers. This all lends itself to an improvement in the customer experience and better software packaging for any version of NGINX supporting dynamic modules.

In addition to all the improvements in the customer experience and module operation, PerimeterX software now extends the capabilities of NGINX and NGINX Plus. With this integration, our current and potential customers can now be confident that PerimeterX software has undergone a rigorous review and meets the high standards that enterprises expect.

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