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PerimeterX is excited to announce a new set of product capabilities that prioritize human interactions on web and mobile apps and APIs. The solution decreases friction for real people while stopping automated bot attacks. Check out the press release to learn more.

No one needs me to tell them that we’re living in an era of digital transformation. I mean, you’re probably reading this on a laptop, smartphone, or other electronic device. Consumers are more engaged online than ever before, and this allows them to easily discover, shop and interact with their favorite brands on their web and mobile apps.

Unfortunately, when businesses open the door for human consumers, they also attract malicious hackers. And no, I’m not talking about computer science students and amateur bot operators looking to make a little extra cash. I mean savvy individuals and organizations in the business of cybercrime, launching calculated attacks on popular sites across the web.

Automated fraud includes everything from scraping and scalping to account takeover and carding attacks — and it has a material impact on e-commerce brands that can’t be ignored.

Build a customer-centric security strategy

As cybersecurity professionals, my colleagues and I recognized the challenge that e-commerce businesses were facing. We knew how to stop cyberattacks — PerimeterX has been doing that for years — but that was only part of the goal.

See, if all we cared about was stopping attacks, our engineers and threat research team would have a much easier time. They could simply present multiple CAPTCHAs to all customers, require MFAs at every turn, force every website visitor into a waiting room. But PerimeterX recognized that if we stopped cyberattacks at the expense of the customer experience, we would fail. So, we took a different approach.

Decreasing consumer journey friction

So, what did we do exactly? First-off, we made Human Challenge, our innovative human verification system, the default option for PerimeterX Bot Defender. Instead of hitting users with frustrating CAPTCHAs that can’t even weed out all bots, we serve a simple button with the words “Press and Hold.” All users have to do is click the button, and our behavioral analysis and machine learning algorithms will do the rest.

Human Challenge

Another example is the Hype Sale Challenge within PerimeterX Hype Sales Protection. The specialized solution separates limited release sales-related traffic from regular traffic, and enforces additional detections only on users trying to purchase limited-edition items. Designed with user experience in mind, the Hype Sale Challenge gives real human users a familiar waiting room feel before they move forward to complete their purchase.

Disrupt cyberattack economics

Stopping current automated attacks is one thing. Deterring ongoing and future attacks is something else — and that’s where PerimeterX can really make an impact. Our Scenario-optimized Proof of Work (PoW) capabilities require the completion of a computational task before adding an item to a shopping cart, verifying a credit card number or completing a similar action.

It takes a lot of energy and CPU cycles to do such computations at scale — say, if you’re running bots attempting thousands of logins per second — so it’s quite expensive for hackers to finish their attacks if their computers are hit with a PoW. This creates a strong economic disincentive for future attacks on a site protected by PerimeterX.

All the while, our scenario-optimized approach delivers a consistent user experience by ensuring that a heavy challenge isn’t served to a slow mobile device, nor an easy computation to a powerful desktop computer. Hackers get all the burden, without your users feeling the impact.

Provide a positive and secure customer experience

Any business leader knows that adding friction hurts your customer experience. Every extra hoop for buyers to go through means more calls to customer service, bad reviews, damaging social media posts, a higher abandonment rate and ultimately, revenue loss. So, security measures that introduce friction — like CAPTCHAs or multifactor authentication (MFA) — should be avoided at all costs.

On the flip side, if a lack of security leads to a successful bot attack that results in account takeover and fraudulent activity, brand loyalty and consumer trust could be severely damaged. This leaves businesses in a tough spot. They need to find the right balance of appropriate security measures and a seamless customer experience. Lean too far in either direction, and your revenue could suffer.

At PerimeterX, we strive to minimize friction throughout consumers’ digital journey while protecting against current cyberattacks and deterring future ones. Our product capabilities stop cyberthreats throughout the web attack lifecycle, safeguarding your customers’ information, protecting your revenue and building your brand reputation.

Please check out the press release to learn more.

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