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Hibbett, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, is a leading athletic-inspired fashion retailer with 1069 Hibbett Sports and City Gear specialty stores, located in 35 states nationwide. Hibbett has a rich history of serving customers for more than 75 years with convenient locations, personalized service and access to coveted footwear, apparel and equipment from top brands like Nike, Jordan, and adidas.


Hibbett Sports launched its e-commerce business in 2017 to address shifts in buyer behavior and to provide an omnichannel experience. The company was known for offering limited-release items such as the latest collectible sneakers and realized that bots would be a problem when it moved online. The company needed a bot management solution from day one to protect its online platforms.

During hype sales, websites and applications experience extreme volumes of bot attacks—up to 95% of traffic. Hype sales are a magnet for sophisticated bots that impair web application performance, hoard inventory and scalp products for future sale on third-party sites. A poorly managed hype sale can lead to bad customer experience, Hibbett needed a way to prevent these bot attacks without compromising its customer experience.

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We have built a very strong feedback loop with the PerimeterX team that allows us to have a tailored proactive approach to protecting our website and our customers from a constantly changing threat landscape.

Ryan BesterwitchSenior Director of E-commerce

SFCC - Storefront Reference Architecture Certified
PerimeterX products directly integrate into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store using certified Cartridges, your digital storefront is protected from login to check out, stopping unwanted bot traffic and client-side attacks.


Hibbett Sports needed a bot management solution that could integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Given its success protecting other online retailers against sophisticated bots that target limited-edition product launches, the team chose PerimeterX Bot Defender. Specifically, Hibbett Sports was looking for a solution that could offer:

Hype sale protection: Bot Defender provides scalable bot protection based on behavioral analytics, advanced machine learning techniques and predictive models to block a wide range of automated attacks. This was a key differentiator as the team wanted a solution that was not only capable of handling the unique attacks that online hype sales attract, but would also be able to scale with their business and adapt to increasingly complex attacks.

Launch day services: After the initial success deploying Bot Defender, Hibbett Sports expanded its relationship with PerimeterX to include a dedicated PerimeterX Cyber Security Analyst (CSA). The CSA operates as an extension of the team to collaborate and prepare for the launch, has eyes on the screen during the launch, reviews results afterward and applies the learnings to future launches.

Best-in-class support: Having a dedicated support team to quickly address any questions or concerns was a priority. PerimeterX offers proactive best-in-class service and 24/7/365 support, setting it apart from other vendors in the market.

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By combining Bot Defender with Launch Day Services, Hibbett Sports was able to ensure real customers, not bots, have access to the limited-edition products they want, helping to increase their revenue and protect their brand reputation

Hibbett Sports was able to avoid implementing virtual waiting rooms, a stopgap solution other retailers implement when their legacy bot management solutions struggle to efficiently manage traffic spikes. Rather than being held in virtual waiting rooms, Hibbett Sports customers could continue to browse and shop on the website, resulting in increased average cart size.

PerimeterX helped Hibbett Sports securely transition to an omnichannel business while optimizing user experience. By implementing Bot Defender and Launch Day Services it was able to save on operational costs and increase hype sale revenue while maintaining optimal web application performance.

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The passion and dedication of the PerimeterX team to work through the details has enabled Hibbett to create a fair chance for our loyal customers to acquire limited hot sneakers.

Ryan BesterwitchSenior Director of E-commerce

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