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Indochino provides men's suits, shirts, blazers, casual and outerwear and accessories. Clothing is made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit. The company has developed the shopping experience of the future, with an omni-channel approach, that allows customers to shop and order online or in-person at one of over 80 showrooms across North America.


Indochino has rapidly grown its customer base and bolstered its reputation through contracts with NFL franchises and celebrity customers. But as the company’s popularity increased, so did the amount of malicious traffic to its e-commerce site. Sophisticated bot attacks began occurring around the clock, slowing site speed and causing the site to go down. The Indochino IT team often worked around the clock, manually adjusting rule sets to prevent account takeovers (ATOs). The increased bot traffic also skewed key performance indicators (KPIs) and negatively impacted customer experience. Without an automated bot management solution in place, the company was wasting time and draining resources as well as losing revenue due to site downtime.

We looked at many options to find the right automated solution to block bot traffic. The benefit of PerimeterX was the product roadmap, the way Bot Defender leverages AI and the way (they) looked at bots. It was really advanced.

Alex BuhlerChief Technology Officer, Indochino

Integrated with YOTTAA's e-commerce platform, PerimeterX enables e-commerce brands to optimize the website experience for their users, significantly improve site performance and protect their digital storefronts from home page to checkout.


Indochino needed a solution to accurately identify and block malicious bot activity while guaranteeing a fast and frictionless experience for real users. It considered many products before choosing PerimeterX Bot Defender which was the clear choice for two reasons:

  • Bot Defender uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect bots. The solution learns and adjusts to increasingly sophisticated bot threats with little human intervention. Bots are automatically detected and malicious traffic stopped while maintaining low false positive rates and preserving page load performance.
  • The open architecture of the PerimeterX platform allows Bot Defender to easily interface with a customer's IT stack. This enabled Indochino to leverage its existing relationship with YOTTAA, a SaaS platform which helps online retailers and brands create faster websites that increase conversion rates and improve shopper experience. Bot Defender easily and seamlessly integrates with the YOTTAA platform to provide unmatched security and performance.
Bot Defender


Bot Defender protects Indochino’s online revenue, stops ATO and minimizes site downtime. As a result, the company’s IT team can now concentrate on writing and updating software to enhance its e-commerce site without worrying about blocking bots.

Bot Defender accurately differentiates between legitimate users and bots, and provides metrics that allow the company to see how much bot traffic is attempting to infiltrate its site. Bot Defender was successful in protecting the e-commerce site, even during peak periods when malicious traffic can make up 87.7% of its total traffic. Indochino is now confident that genuine customers enjoy a great e-commerce experience while malicious bots are turned away.

Indochino’s site speed and performance are intact and customer experience is back to the level expected by the company and shoppers alike. But best of all, the company’s e-commerce revenue is well protected.

Learn more about the PerimeterX and YOTTAA partnership here.

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The combined solution of PerimeterX and YOTTAA is invaluable. We were able to keep our infrastructure, our CDN and our firewall, and add another layer of protection with PerimeterX Bot Defender. YOTTAA makes our site fast and PerimeterX allows us to conserve that speed by blocking bot traffic. The solution is seamless and works very well.

Alex BuhlerChief Technology Officer, Indochino

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