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This leading e-commerce retailer supplies products and services through a network of thousands of stores interconnected with an e-commerce business that offers millions of products.


Digital commerce is surging at this leading e-commerce retailer. Its recent omnichannel initiatives make its interconnected retail strategy a top priority for the business. With more than half of its online purchases being picked up in its stores, the business believes the shopping experience now starts in the digital world, even if it is often completed in the physical world. Its website continues to be a big contributor to growth for its overall business, driving increased traffic online and to its stores. Because of this, the retailer continues to heavily invest in its digital presence.

With this digital initiative top of mind for the CEO, the retailer’s CMO has been tasked to achieve the targeted return on the large investment made, focused on increasing digital revenue and preserving the online brand and customer experience.

The retailer was an existing customer of PerimeterX, using its Bot Defender technology to stop bot traffic from skewing their marketing analytics, so that they could make better business decisions. But the retailer was unaware of another big problem - hidden distractions that had been chipping away at their conversion rates and leading to loss of revenue. The PerimeterX team quickly demonstrated to the CMO how browser extensions could be impacting the retailer’s conversions. These browser extensions, including Rakuten and Amazon Assist, were displaying coupons, price comparisons and cashback offers from competing retailers to shoppers on its site. Many of these pop-ups followed the users as they browsed through the site, driving them away to competitors’ sites to complete their purchase. The CMO noted, “These extensions are basically telling our online visitors to go shop somewhere else. This is bad for our bottom line and brand reputation.” The retailer had spent millions of dollars optimizing the online store to increase conversions, but it was unable to stop the browser extensions from interrupting the user experience and stealing shoppers away.

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The ROI was immediate and it was huge. We could attribute hundreds of thousands of dollars in net new monthly revenue directly to Page Defender.

CMOLeading E-commerce Retailer


The e-commerce retailer concluded that it needed to quickly find a solution to address this challenge, and by partnering with PerimeterX, was able to quickly dig in and solve the problem. By implementing PerimeterX Page Defender, a browser malware protection solution, the retailer was able to preserve their intended online user experience by blocking distractions from unwanted browser extensions, and competitors’ ad injections.

The CMO noted that their IT and analyst team was brought in to validate the technology, afraid that it would interfere with site performance. He noted that they tested it out and everything worked as promised — the site ran as fast as ever. Easily deployed in minutes as a JavaScript snippet on their web pages, Page Defender quickly gave the retailer complete visibility into all the different types of extensions interacting with their site. It provided granular and precise control of user-installed browser extensions with the ability to block unwanted extensions according to the retailer’s customized business needs. Page Defender uses machine learning to continuously inspect an extension’s interactions with the retailer’s site, analyzing conversions and user paths, to help optimize customer engagement.

Page Defender


Page Defender was a big win for the retailer. The company was given full visibility into the interruptions that users were experiencing on its site. PerimeterX worked with the retailer to perform A/B testing, tabulating the data and metrics for two user groups, those exposed to extensions and those that weren’t.

Conversion Uplift: The retailer found that by blocking all extensions, it was able to uplift the conversion rate by 6% for users with extensions. It also uncovered insights into key marketing metrics important to them for both groups — those with and without extensions — including pages viewed per session, bounce rate and time to purchase. The team was able to gather valuable insights from the analytics for both groups and create segmented marketing campaigns.

Revenue Increase: The CMO noted, "The ROI was immediate and it was huge. We could attribute hundreds of thousands of dollars in net new monthly revenue directly to Page Defender."

The conversion and revenue uplift from Page Defender has helped to contribute to the company’s strategic digital business growth initiative and protect its overall brand and customer experience.

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Attempting to solve this problem on our own would have taken very long to implement and been very costly, eating up IT resources. Detecting and blocking these ever-changing extensions requires expertise and ongoing maintenance. PerimeterX has been a true partner, with an engaged team of security analysts working with us around the clock.

CMOLeading E-commerce Retailer

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