Group 3The PerimeterX Platform is a set ofcloud-native infrastructure and servicesthat powers an award-winning suite ofapplication protection solutions. Thesolutions powered by the Platform protectonline businesses against automatedattacks and client-side threats, andimprove operational efficiency.In an ever-changing security landscape, attacks are growing more sophisticated. Cybercriminals areleveraging specialized tools and “as-a-Service” delivery of many components to perform automatedattacks. To keep pace, e-commerce organizations embracing modern application security should takethe following steps:Six Steps To Application SecurityAdopt modernsolutionsthat leveragemachine learning toproactively identify andblock automated attacks6Identifyproduct pagesthat are targeted andprotect them fromscraping bots5Analyzeimpact ofchallenges oncheckouts andabandonment4Evaluate and considertechnologies toproactively block attacks3Considerbuilding asystemto log attacks2Assesspotential risksand audit exposures1Automated attackshave no season.Every holiday season isattack season!Automated attacksare a growingindustry.Daily attacks are now at thesame level as previous Cyber5 periods. Retailers shouldplan for elevated volumesthroughout the year.downtime.There is no24/7Top 3 Takeaways4–8xincrease in gift card fraud during majorUS holidaysReason:Shoppers increased the use of giftcards during the pandemic to avoid in-storeshopping. Increased balances attractedcriminals to gift card pages which have lessprotection than credit card pages.56.7%percentage increase inscraping traffic during theSpring of 2020Reason:Companiesneeded to collectcompetitive price andinventory intelligencetake advantage of shiftsearly in the pandemic.20%of shopping cartrequests were scalpingattack attempts on 8separate daysReason:Tools forautomating onlinepurchases of hot itemsare now widespread andthe market for resellingcollectible and limitedinventory items isbooming.Checkout attacks spiked664%at the beginning of thepandemicReason:Criminalssought to take advantageof disruption and rapidchanges in online pricesand inventory.84.7%percent of all loginattempts in Septemberwere from ATOsReason:Early testing ofaccount login andpassword combinationsin advance of peakshopping days.Benchmark Report By The NumbersAutomated fraudulent log-inattempts to take controlof accountsAccount TakeoversTesting recently stolen debitand credit card data tobuy onlineCardingCarding attacks where botsenumerate gift card numbersto find valid combinationsGift Card CrackingAutomated shopping botsrepeatedly purchasein-demand items forlater resaleScalpingAutomated tools harvestprice, inventory and productimages and descriptionswithout authorizationScrapingPerimeterX tracked the most critical automated fraud attack types for this report including:Biggest Automated Attack ThreatsFacing Online RetailersAutomated FraudBenchmark ReportE-Commerce EditionPerimeterX compiled and analyzed data from tens of billionsof online transactions and interactions to provide a deep diveinto the hidden behaviors and notable trends of automatedfraud attacks impacting online retailers during 2020.Download InfographicDOWNLOAD REPORT
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