CNBC December 2016: Omri Iluz on How The Yahoo! Data Breach Can Impact Users

It was a worrisome day when Yahoo! revealed the theft of over 1 billion accounts – perhaps the biggest data breach in history. Andrea Day, producer at CNBC, interviews PerimeterX CEO Omri Iluz on the motivation behind such crimes, and learns that hacked email accounts are worth 10x to 20x more than credit cards on the dark web. Add brute-forcing bots, and you have real trouble. Omri Iluz discusses:

  • The methods attackers use to get into your email
  • Why consumers’ email accounts are in hot demand, and attackers will pay top dollar for them.
  • How cybercriminals jump easily from account break-ins to the victims’ social or bank accounts.
  • Best practices to protect your customer accounts.