eTail East 2017: How Wayfair Beat ATO, Carding, and Price Scraping

At Wayfair, #16 in the Internet Retailer 500, engineers were forced to burn time battling bot attacks such as account takeover, carding, and price & content scraping. Malicious bots, relentlessly targeting millions of customer accounts, made up half its traffic. Learn how Wayfair:

  • Identified attacks by sophisticated botnets launched from 25,000+ IP addresses.
  • Cut by 85% the attacks per month that required Engineering intervention.
  • Stopped account takeover, and protected customer information.
  • Greatly reduced load on the card verification system, and cut card processing costs.
  • Won the price scraping arms race, definitively - and boosted organic search results.
  • Restored accuracy and “sense” to analytics by removing the “bot half” of traffic.