PhocusWright 2017: How Travel Sites Can Prevent Content Scraping, Account Takeover, Carding, and Hoarding

Travel and hospitality sites and mobile apps are vulnerable to automated scraping and account takeover attacks by bots, among others. It’s vital to inspect incoming traffic, and distinguish in real-time if it’s human or not. Then the automated, malicious traffic can be blocked or throttled back. Adi Lavi at PerimeterX discusses:

  • The impact on travel and hospitality sites and apps of scraping, account takeover, carding fraud, and hoarding.
  • Why malicious bots tax the site’s performance and push up infrastructure costs.
  • What hospitality and travel sites must worry about next: attacks on their mobile app and API, as well.
  • The vulnerability points of the mobile infrastructure.
  • The advantages of web behavior analysis for sites and bots under attack.