Protecting Hype Sales From Bot Attacks

Hype sales are designed to engage customers and boost revenue, with a growing industry of sneakers, tickets, streetwear, and cosmetics that are sold out almost immediately. But who is really shopping?

During a hype sale, websites and applications might experience extreme volumes of bot attacks (95% of traffic), when bots are purchasing all Hype Sale inventory and crashing the website. This damages the brand’s reputation with a bad user experience and disappointed customers. This becomes even more frustrating during the COVID-19 pandemic when most shopping is happening online.

Come and listen more on the Hype Sale ecosystem and how you can solve critical problems to optimize your user experience. You will:

  • See bot operators in action
  • Discover the new generation of Hype Sale bots
  • Explore how to let human users win against the fast purchases of bad bots
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