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Six Major Threats to E-commerce and How to Stop Them

The dark web is flooded with stolen user credentials that fuel new bot attacks, resulting in reduced customer conversion rates, damaging data breaches and brand degradation for e-commerce merchants. Malicious bots now make up more than 50% of the traffic to e-commerce sites. Modern bot and Magecart attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and human-like, making it more challenging for businesses to defend themselves from them. In order to be successful in an e-commerce economy, online merchants must keep pace with cybercriminals to defend their bottom line and keep their customers.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • How bot and Magecart attacks can impact retail websites and mobile apps
  • How to detect and block malicious bots before they wreak havoc on your e-commerce operations and damage your brand reputation
  • What you can do about Magecart attacks

Six Major Threats to E-commerce and How to Stop Them

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