PerimeterX for Food Delivery Services

PerimeterX protects the websites, mobile applications and APIs of food delivery services so you can ensure a positive customer experience, increase your revenue and preserve your brand reputation.

PerimeterX for Food Delivery Services

Protect Your Food Delivery Business Throughout the Buyer Journey

Login Pages

Cybercriminals use malicious bots that bypass CAPTCHAs and legacy defenses to execute account takeover (ATO) attacks that result in fraudulent purchases and stolen loyalty points and personal data. According to TechCrunch, daily downloads for Instacart, Walmart Grocery and Shipt delivery apps surged by 218%, 160% and 124%, respectively in March 2020 as compared to February, and cybercriminals are following the spike in shoppers.


of retail login attempts are from bad bots

Product Pages

Web scraping bots steal pricing and content which impacts your SEO rankings and leads users to your competitors. Bot traffic skews your analytics making web and campaign performance KPIs unreliable. Unwanted ad injections and browser extensions distract customers from their intended path to purchase, often redirecting them to competitors’ sites.


in bad and good traffic to food delivery apps in the first three months of 2020

Checkout Pages

Carding attacks use malicious bots to test stolen credit cards on checkout pages. Digital skimming like Magecart attacks skim credit card data. Browser extensions redirect customers to other websites. Scalping and hoarding bots impact your inventory. A successful attack on checkout pages can result in chargebacks, card declines and regulatory fines.

Up to 90%

of checkout traffic is bot-driven during peak retail sales periods

Secure Your Food Delivery Services App with PerimeterX


Accurate Threat Identification

Using machine learning and behavior-based analytics, PerimeterX detects and blocks automated bot attacks and client-side threats with unparalleled accuracy.


Fully Compatible Integration

The PerimeterX technology platform is cloud-based and can be deployed anywhere. It is compatible with your existing infrastructure including cloud services and content delivery network solutions.


Frictionless Customer Experience

With our constant monitoring, your pricing and inventory data remains uncompromised and available to real customers, who remain on their intended path to purchase.

Products for Food Delivery Services

PerimeterX Bot Defender

Scalable, behavior-based bot protection for web and mobile applications, and APIs. Defend against account takeover, checkout abuse, and web scraping.

Case Study

We were able to transition from fighting bot attacks reactively to proactively leveraging the behavior-based capabilities of Bot Defender and regain control of the customer experience of our service.

CISOLeading Food Delivery Service
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